Featured Projects

Orient House IV
Greenwich Village Apartment
Orient House V
Guilford Sound Artists' Residence

Brooklyn Townhouse II
Aspen Residence
Guilford Sound Recording Studio
Orient Artist Studio

Orient House I
Vermont Heating Plant
Orient House II
Orient House III

Catskills Artists Studio
West Broadway Loft
Two Palms Gallery and Silkscreen Studio
Island House

Artist's Pied-à-Terre
Bat House / Chiropteraedas
Guggenheim Helsinki
Hamptons Pavilion

CPW Family Home
Red House
Park Place
Park Ave Median Housing

Manhattan Pied-a-terre
Benetton Tehran
Main Street House
NoVo Foundation

Shelter Island House
Soho Loft
Greenwich Village Townhouse
Decatur Modern

Gladstone Barns
Classroom in the Sky
Make Me a Home Competition
Vermont Residence

Rogers House
RISD Architecture Lecture Hall
Art Fair Booths
HKDI Competition

Tropical Villa
The DREAM Project
CPW Residence
Park Avenue Family Apartment

Fifth Avenue Apartment
Brooklyn Townhouse
Fishers Island House